My Entire Content Workflow

It’s no secret that your girl produces a metric TON of content. Are you an entrepreneur struggling with creating content? Today I am sharing with you my ENTIRE content workflow… AKA how I have created a content machine that allows me to produce loads of valuable content across all platforms without losing my marbles! 

My Entire Content Workflow | How I do it all without LOSING MY MARBLES!

My Entire Content Workflow

Want to watch the YouTube video version of this post? I've got you covered!

How do I get it all done? 

This is likely to change soon because I am bringing on a new team member to start editing my videos. BUT, as of right now, this is what it looks like. First of all, we use ClickUp to manage everything inside of our team, including the content. I couldn't create the content I create without some kind of project management system. I used Trello for a lot of years and have been on ClickUp for about two years. It is absolutely worth the switch if you're considering it.  I have some videos on my channel about clickUp specifically. Also, I have this mini course on how to use it. We use ClickUp to make the processes and the workflow go really smoothly.

An Important Message 

Youtube, Podcast, blog, private podcast, membership group, Pinterest, Instagram… Oh my, is your head spinning? FIRST let me tell you, if you're a solopreneur and you do not have any team members or any contractors that can help you, know that I do not recommend you do all of the content I'm doing. I don't even recommend you doing a fraction of the content that I'm producing. 

If you're a solopreneur you need to be focusing on one type of content that is search driven. That might be blogging, blogging with a podcast episode, or even YouTubing. Then, you also need to focus on one social media stream of content. That will take care of you for a while! Leave all the rest of the stuff alone until you have people in your corner to help you.

My YouTube Process

The first thing that I do is I pull up ClickUp and I look at my content calendar. (pictured below) I use the calendar view. Calendar view helps me to be able to understand what's happening when and stay on track. I will go through this calendar view and I will list out the videos that are going to get done on certain dates. As I get time before I film them, I will go through each of these and then list out the talking points for that specific video. I repeat this system for my podcasts. Once I film it, I can move it to “ready to be edited.” This could automatically tag whoever's going to edit my video and say “This one is ready.” After it is edited, it can be tagged as ready to upload. So we have processes built out for every step in the process. 

My Entire Content Workflow

For me filming and editing rarely happens on the same day. I will plan to film a video or a couple of videos and plan to edit the next day or a couple days later. If you want to see my editing process, go watch this video. It is all about editing more efficiently and how I'm currently editing for my channel. Then the next step is just to upload the video and schedule it on YouTube as a whole. 

This is when I do my thumbnail.  Here is my trick for great thumbnails: Record a short video clip when you record your video. Using this video of different poses and facial expressions in the same outfit and location allows you to capture the best screenshot for your thumbnail. You can add words and graphics to the photo inside of Canva super quickly!

My entire content creation workflow

What does my entire content workflow look like? 


We create a blog post with every single YouTube video and every single podcast episode. I didn't even mention that in the list of content I told you I created. But, here's the secret. I don't think I have written those actual blog posts in three or four years. I've always had someone on my team, either a contractor or now currently my full time employee, Laura to watch my videos or listen to my podcast episodes, and break them down into blog posts that we can then put out into the “Google-verse” and utilize the powerful SEO.


I also have a weekly email newsletter. I use ConvertKit. I get a reminder on ClickUp every week on Monday that I need to write the email for that week. So I go ahead and write it in the first part of the week and schedule it to go out on Friday. And we're done. That one doesn't take a lot of time and it's really super easy to schedule. That is why for now, I take care of this step.

Social Media

Our main focus is on Instagram as a whole. I actually have two Instagram accounts. I have my personal one that's @JessicaStansberry, which is the one where you can directly interact with me and I share more behind the scenes. Then we have a brand account. That's @HeyJessicaTV. And that one is managed by Laura. Together, we developed a strategy for it. She knows exactly what needs to go on it when it needs to be posted. 

I handle my account @JessicaStansberry account. And I really have a bigger focus there for growth. I use stories in connecting with my audience. There's not a ton of like pre planned content. But, I do go through seasons where I do pre-planned content. For Instagram, we use a service called Planoly to plan everything out visually. 


I do have a Facebook account that is active. But we don't really focus on this, we just share things here. Laura is also completely in charge of our Facebook. So if there are graphics that are made for a podcast episode, or a YouTube video, she will also share those graphics on the Facebook page. But, that's not our main priority.


I can tell you, if I was in charge of making sure a podcast episode went up every Monday and a YouTube video every Tuesday, a blog post to go along with each, and Instagram posts and Facebook posts, it wouldn't happen. So again, please know that I can only do this amount of content because I have a team behind me. Also, know that I'm not doing it for simply no reason. Every piece of content, every content platform, everything I do, is to build the brand, to build the business and reach more people and help them succeed. 

Your Assignment 

Alright, here is what I want you to do:

Find a process, system and team that works for you.

If you are thinking, “Man, If only I could grab your system Jessica!” Guess what! I do have a ClickUp course that is called A Course About ClickUp. At the end of this course you will find yourself finally with A business that’s got it’s crap together and is ready to grow WITH you.

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