Keywords for Youtube | A Tutorial + Advice

You’ve probably scoured the Internet to figure out which keywords you should be using. Keep reading to learn about a free tool to find keywords for Youtube online!

Keywords for Youtube | A Tutorial + Advice

Keywords Everywhere | A Tutorial + Advice on Keywords for Youtube

Want to watch a video version of this post? I’ve got you covered!

Keywords Everywhere | A Tutorial + Advice on Keywords for YouTube

Have you heard of keywords everywhere? it's a freakin' amazing extension for Chrome that helps you figure out what keywords you should be using/targeting on …

Finding keywords and figuring out how to use them can get completely overwhelming. That’s why we’re sharing a totally free tech tool that lets you figure out the best keywords to use for your YouTube channel, plus a foolproof strategy to guide your keyword hunt.

The magic tool?

Keywords Everywhere.

Keywords everywhere is a Chrome extension that lets you see how many times a month a term has been searched, what the competition is, and how much it would cost you to run an ad for that term. All of that info, right in your Google and Youtube search bars!

If you want to see a full tutorial about how to use Keywords Everywhere, check out the video above!

Now, let's talk strategy.

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How to pick the best keywords

When you have a smaller audience, stick with terms that have lower searches per month. If you have a larger audience, you can look for higher searches per month.

A good rule of thumb is to look for keywords that have searches per month equal to or less than the number of Youtube subscribers you have. So, if you have 1,000 YouTube subscribers, look for keywords with 1,000 searches per month or less. As your subscribers grow, you can compete for keywords with more searches per month!

It really is that easy!

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