Instagram Reels for Entrepreneurs that just GET IT

First of all, if you haven't hopped on the Instagram Reels trend yet… you're missing out on some major opportunities for growth (and a lot of fun)! Whether you're making your own Reels or not, you're probably at least watching them. We've compiled some of the best Instagram Reels for entrepreneurs that just GET IT – because it's always good to be surrounded by your people!

Instagram Reels for Entrepreneurs that just GET IT

Instagram reels for entrepreneurs

I definitely spend too much time scrolling through Instagram Reels. And the algorithm does a great job of making sure I stick around! Let's dive in to this list of Instagram Reels for entrepreneurs that just get it.

You'd rather work 80 hours a week for yourself than 40 for someone else!

You ARE a different breed. Celebrate it!

The realities of working from your laptop are not as glamorous as your friends think.

But still glamorous enough to be a perk of working the job of your dreams! (Neck and back pain included.)

When you get jealous of people with tons of followers… and then realize it doesn't matter that much

That random girl from high school who dms you to ask about your business: “But… you don't even have 100,000 Instagram followers!”

You: *replies with this Reel*

When you're fighting off all that self-doubt to make big money moves

Just because you're putting yourself and your business out there doesn't mean you're super self-confident. You just know how to push pass those insecurities! Keep on persevering, friend.

Save this one to send to all the doubters and haters out there

“What the heck are you talking about?”

When the realities of tax season hit

Ah, the IRS. Doing their part to support infrastructure and stuff, but never fun to get something from in the mail.

Instagram reels for entrepreneurs

The aftermath of a full day of content creation…

Even if you're just creating social media content for yourself, this totally applies. (The sequel would feature blue light blocking glasses and an ergonomic mouse for sure.)

Realizing YOU make the decisions in this biz

And you really DON'T have to do the stuff you hate doing. Because you're the boss.

And finally – even when you're all over the place, working for yourself is the best thing. Ever.

Worth it and then some.

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