I used to work 50 hours a week, always be stressed out, and make basically no money. Now, my work week is about 25 hours, I make time for myself and my family, and I make 15x more money per month than back when I let the hustle basically take over my life.

So, if it feels like you're constantly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere and you're stressed to the max, we need to fix that sister friend!

Check out these resources if you're needing a little less work, and a lot more life without sacrificing the moolah.

The GRIT method guide (free). This will help you determine where you should actually be focusing!

The Core 4 stop trying to do everything and focus on the FOUR things you need to do each day

My podcast, Grit, is PERFECT no matter what stage of business you're in. There are lessons on mindset and marketing and everything in between, check it out by clicking the image to the right or search for “Grit” on any podcast player.

Actually, just check out my WHOLE YouTube Channel, it is PACKED full of info!