How to Turn Your Service into an Online Course

If you’re sitting out there wondering how to turn your service into an online course to start making more passive income, this one is for you.

How to Turn Your Service into an Online Course

How to Turn Your Service into an Online Course

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How to Turn Your Service into an Online Course

If you're sitting there wondering how in the world you can go from overwhelmed with grumpy clients to passive income with an online course, this is your vide…

Maybe you’re a rockstar at graphic design or a budding web designer and you’re ready to take a step back from providing services to build an online course. Ah, passive income. What a dream. With these simple steps, you’ll be creating and selling your online course like a pro.

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3 Steps to Create Your Course

Step 1: Be okay with working yourself out of a job

It takes a big mindset shift to move from someone who does the job to someone who teaches other people how to do the job. You'll probably lose some business because of it. Just remember – the people who are willing to buy a course to learn how to do a service aren’t necessarily the same people who would pay to have you do the service for them. It'll just take awhile to build up both audiences.

Step 2: Figure out what your course will be

There are so many different directions that you could take your course. First, you have to decide what you're going to teach. You could teach a course on the things that happen before and after you provide your services, like branding or marketing. Or, you could teach the service that you provide.

You also want to think about the audience you're going to create a course for. If you’re a web developer, you could target your course to people who want to become web developers, OR people who want to build their own website. Then you can create content tailored to those people.

Think about the length of your course, too. It could be that you have so much information that you could make 20 courses on one topic. Maybe you want to start with just one course. The choice is yours!

Step 3: Build an audience

You can have a fantastic course ready to go – but if you don’t have an audience, it won’t sell. You need people who are interested in buying a course from you! Whether you build your audience using Facebook groups and ads, a Youtube channel, an email list, or another way – you have to build your audience first.

Ready to take the plunge?

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