How to Track Your Goals so You Can Dream Big and Go After Your Dreams

Goal-setting is one of those fancy things that everyone does – but no one talks about how to track your goals so you can dream big AND go after your dreams! This post is all about how to track your goals so you can achieve them.

How to Track Your Goals so You Can Dream Big and Go After Your Dreams

How to Track Your Goals so You Can Dream Big and Go After Your Dreams

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How to Track Your Goals So You Can DREAM BIG and Go After Your Dreams

Let's talk about some EASY ways you can track your goals! See, here's the dealio, a lot of people tell you to set big goals or to dream big but they don't te…

If you want to get better at setting goals, tracking goals, and most importantly, reaching goals, this is for you!

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Everyone tells you to dream big and set big goals, but no one tells you how to make sure you’re making a plan to hit those goals that moves you in the right direction. Here’s what you should be doing to achieve those big dreams.

The first thing you need to do is find a system that works for you to track your goals.

Systems You Can Use to Track Your Goals

  1. iPad – Digital Planner or Digital Notebook
  2. Physical Planner or Physical Notebook
  3. Project Management System

The most important thing to consider when you're choosing a system to track your goals is whether or not you enjoy the setup. If you hate the way you're planning your goals… it won't work.

So, you're dreaming big – how do you actually go after your dreams?

Nobody tells you what to do to actually achieve your goals once you decide what they are.

Here’s the truth: Hope is not a strategy. Putting your dreams on paper won’t work for you unless you do the work.

How to Track Your Goals | Dream Big and Go After Your Dreams

Step 1: Open up your preferred goal management system

Digital, paper and pencil, project management system… whatever works for you.

Step 2: Set your goals (and make them reasonable!)

Think about goals you can achieve within the next year so that they’re easier to break down into manageable chunks. If you have a big goal that you want to accomplish in, say, the next five years, start with a one-year goal that gets you a step closer to your big dream.

Step 3: Reverse engineer your goal

If you’re setting yearly goals, break them down into four smaller steps – one for each quarter. Then, break those quarterly goals into monthly goals, and those monthly goals into weekly steps. That way, you know what to do each week to get to where you want to go.

Step 4: Get the steps you outlined on the calendar – and set reminders!

At Hey Jessica HQ, this means transferring everything to ClickUp, adding due dates, and assigning the task to someone. However you decide to track your goals, this is the part that takes everything from messy-brainstorm-planning mode to organized steps with deadlines.

This strategy can work for ANY of the goals you’re trying to hit, even if it isn’t a business goal. Maybe you’re setting weight loss goals or personal development goals – you can track them using the exact same process.

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