How to Sell Digital Products Without a Website

It feels like everyone who has a digital product has a website. The truth is, you don’t have to have a website to be a successful seller. I have all the tips about how to sell digital products without a website!

How to Sell Digital Products Without a Website

How to sell digital products without a website

How many hours have you wasted browsing through website templates looking for just the right one? C’mon, you can be honest. Don’t worry – I’m right there with you. I’ve done it, too.

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Getting stuck on the tech

If you also factored in the amount of time I spent researching Squarespace vs WordPress vs Showit vs Wix and the amount of time I subsequently spent researching Elementor vs Divi vs Beaver Builder… The total number of hours would actually translate not into hours or weeks, but more like months of my life. 

But everyone else has one!

I bet you know the phrase: If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too? If you’re suffering from comparisonitis, aka “market research,” then you’re probably seeing all these fabulous and beautifully designed websites with amazing photos that look Instagram-worthy and deserving of a million #livingmybestlife hashtags.

And yes, they’re pretty, but do you really need a website and rockstar selfies to sell a digital product? And let’s not forget that branded photoshoot you’ll need to do before you even start designing said website. Is it actually necessary?

The answer is absolutely not!

There’s been a new trend lately where online businesses are deleting their websites and replacing them with sales pages or landing pages. No website to be found anywhere. And you know what? They’re killing it! Yep, that’s right.

The only thing you can do when you land on their URL is buy. No confusing cutesy messages to read. No extremely boring list of their 5 favorite movies that they thought someone would find fascinating even though their entire business is about transformational money blocks. And no Instagram feed scrolling along the bottom of the page to distract you! Your visitor either buys your digital product or they don’t. Now, that’s focused messaging!

But wait…won’t a website make me look more legit? 

Not at all. Maybe 30 years ago when the internet was first invented, but today, sales pages stand on their own. Or better yet, aggregate marketplaces like Etsy will suffice and are actually preferable to building your own site. 

Try this 2-pronged approach to selling Digital Products Without A Website

For those that are just starting out, you probably don’t have an audience (sorry, your friends and family don’t count – unless you have a rich billionaire uncle somewhere who’d love to help boost your traffic with repeat sales). So why not borrow someone else’s audience using platforms like Etsy or eBay? Yes, you can sell digital downloads on eBay. Why not?! Your only limit is your imagination.

The second place you will want to set up shop is on a platform that has no traffic! You can drive traffic there with both organic and paid social media posts. Why do you need this second platform? You don’t! But it will have significantly lower fees than an established platform. The higher fees are totally worth it and completely legit for sites that already have built-in traffic like Etsy and eBay. They’re doing all of the marketing work for you! But when you’re doing it yourself, just send traffic to your own platform.

Best Marketplaces to Sell Digital Products Without A Website

These sites already have traffic and will showcase your product for you:

  1. Etsy
  2. eBay
  3. Zazzle
  4. Envato
  5. Pinterest Buyable buttons + Shopify 

Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products Without A Website

These are online tools with built-in landing pages and checkout pages, but you will have to drive your own traffic to these sites:

  1. Gumroad
  2. SendOwl
  3. Sellfy
  4. e-Junkie
  5. Shopify
  6. Sellz
  7. DPD
  8. PayLoadz
  9. Pulley
  10. FetchApp

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