How to Reach Your Goals Without Support

Are you using your lack of support as permission to give up on your goals? You absolutely should not be! I have all the tips on how to reach your goals without support.

How to Reach Your Goals Without Support

How to reach your goals without support

Ask anyone who has achieved noteworthy success how she got there, and the answer that will come up in a variety of ways is you don't do it alone. As entrepreneurs, we are encouraged to seek support and encouragement from the people around us because it's next to impossible to move forward alone. The bigger your goals are, the more support you need to navigate through the unknown.

But what happens when your friends and family don't get it? What if there's no one to turn to for guidance? What then? I promise you can still reach your dreams without support.

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Why do we seek support? 

Many of us think that we must have everyone’s buy-in to succeed at our goals. We want our friends and family to be our biggest cheerleaders and pick us up when we're down.

The truth is, we often limit our potential to what our friends and family believe to be true about us – not what we know to be true about ourselves. When our expectations are not aligned with their ideas, we experience disappointment and inadequacy.

We tell ourselves that those feelings give us permission to abandon our goals before we even start. After all, our loved ones have our best interests at heart, right?

Why you don’t want everyone’s support:

The tricky thing about ambition is that it can trigger insecurities in others. Your audacity to choose an alternative way of thinking or living from the people close to you forces your loved ones to consider their self-imposed limitations. That experience can be unsolicited and unwelcome. Individuals who aren't equipped to handle those emotions can become negative, evasive or imposing.

Here's the thing: you don't want everyone supporting you if you don't know the intention of the enemy they're sending your way.

What it is that you truly seek: 

Instead of stressing about their approval and support, consider why you feel that their support means so much to you. Understand the source of your desire for their support.

Is it a skills or competency gap that they will help you fill? Is it financial? Or could it be that you are struggling with genuine faith in your ability to realize your dreams? Is it that you choose to quit to avoid disappointing yourself and blame a lack of support? Could your need for support stem from your lack of confidence in your capabilities?

How to reach your goals without support

How to reach your goals without support:

  1. Have an understanding of who your goals impact outside of yourself. You are more likely to stay committed when you grasp that your ability to take action will positively change someone else.
  1. Create a bias toward action. Minimize the time you spend thinking about your lack of support and instead, focus on taking courageous action. The more action you take, the more confident you will become.
  1. Build a network. Posting status updates won’t be enough to give you a sense of support. It will just keep you in the habit of thinking that likes and comments equal support… and they do not. Instead, proactively seek out individuals who are working on similar goals and spark up a conversation.
  1. Remember that your loved ones may not always understand your dreams. Your family is programmed to seek stability and security for you, and your big goals challenge that. They may very well not get your vision for your life until you’ve realized it and they see the outcomes. Manage your expectations accordingly.
  1. Protect your vision. You’re more vulnerable when you expect support from people who don’t get what you want. Until they understand, you may have to minimize the information you share with them to ensure that you’re not welcoming unsolicited ideas that you’re not prepared to fend off just yet.

The reality is, the higher you climb, the lonelier you will feel.

That’s one of the reasons it’s so essential to surround yourself with the RIGHT type of support. Don’t allow a lack of support to compel you to give up. Deserving your dream life doesn’t come with the contingency of support. You are worthy. You deserve your dream life. Your future is waiting. You don’t need permission to answer your calling.

You want to work on attracting and creating the RIGHT type of support system. That may require you to release the expectation of support coming from your family.

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