How to Create and Sell a Tarot Card Deck

Who doesn’t love Tarot Cards? Alright, alright – there are some Tarot Card haters out there, but we don’t care about them. We care about the people who think they’re awesome, wanna learn more about them, and can’t wait to create their own beautiful Tarot Deck. I’m giving you everything you need to know about how to create and sell a Tarot Card deck of your own!

How to Create and Sell a Tarot Card Deck

How to create and sell a Tarot Card Deck

Like most products you love and are passionate about, you’re going to start finding your favorites, then wishing the designer hadn’t put orange as the text color or that they’d used prettier pictures or that they’d made the card deck smaller, bigger, thicker, etc. And finally: You’re going to start imagining how to create a Tarot Deck of your own.

Get the Digital Product Blueprint

Here are the easy-peasy 4-steps you need to create your first Tarot Card Deck. 

Even if you’ve never used or seen a Tarot Deck in your life – that’s how easy this is to follow. 

1 | Choose Your Branding Colors + Fonts

Like every design project ever started since the beginning of time, you’re going to want to limit your overall look and feel down to some basics like:

  • Primary Branding Colors
  • Secondary Colors
  • Primary Font
  • Secondary Font

When in doubt, go with your brand’s colors and fonts so your Tarot Deck is simply an extension of your branding.

2 | Choose Your Card Print Vendor or Printable Size

You’ll most likely sell your Tarot Cards as a physical deck. But selling a PDF of printables that people can print out at home and cut are great, too. A lot of home printers are compatible with cardstock, but just made sure you pick an easy to find paper size like 3×5” or 4×6.”

Alternatively, you’ll want to get the specs from the professional printing service that you’ll be using to find out what size cards are available to print. Once you have that nailed down, then you can get started with the design.

Or, you can outsource the design to a professional. There are many people on Fiverr and Upwork that can do a fabulous job designing things for you, thereby saving you the pain of trying to learn Photoshop or InDesign. 

How to create and sell a tarot card deck

3 | Create a Standard Layout + Back Image

Even if you’re outsourcing the actual design to someone else, you’ll still have to provide a framework for them to work within.  

First, let me just tell you that I have some good news, some bad news, and then some more good news. Did you like that compliment sandwich approach: good-bad-good? Genius, right?!

The first good news is that the back of every single card in your deck is exactly the same. You just need to pick one overarching design that cohesively ties everything together and that’s the back design of every single card in the deck.

The bad news is that there are 78 cards in a Tarot Deck which is A LOT.

But the next piece of good news is that each and every one of those 78 cards are already pre-defined for you. No staring at a blank page trying to figure out what to put on the card.

The only thing you need to do now is choose alternate images, symbols, pictures or illustrations to go on each of those 78 cards, or ask your designer to surprise you with something wonderful. 

4 | Market & Sell It

Forget about Amazon. The prices on Amazon are incredibly low, and you’re going to need Amazon Prime to really compete. Your best bet is my favorite marketplace: Etsy.

Yes, the Amazon Tarot Cards are there, too at their incredibly low prices. But customers are on Etsy looking for Tarot Cards like yours that are unique and gorgeous – and they’re willing to pay a premium for them.

You can also list your Tarot Cards on your site, but if you don’t already have a built-in audience, then consider running some paid traffic to get customers over there.

Good luck!

I’ve got a full-length video tutorial about creating a Tarot Card deck on my YouTube channel – click here to give it a watch!

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