How to Build an Email List

Everybody and their brother tells you that you need an email list to be successful – and I totally agree! But, how do you actually build one with the right people on it? Here’s everything you need to know about how to build an email list!

How to Build an Email List | Easy Beginner Strategies to Grow an Email List

How to Build an Email List

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How to BUILD an Email List | Easy beginner strategies to grow an email list

ALL THE PEOPLE say “build an email list” but they don't actually tell you HOW to build an email list, what strategies work to grow an email list or what you …

The strategy behind building an email list is not hard! You just have to stick with it. Too many people give up on building their email list quickly because they think it’s moving too slowly or isn’t working.

The strategies will work – I promise. You just have to make sure you’re using the right strategy for your type of business and audience. Stick with it! No one, even someone with a large audience already, builds a huge email list in a day. In fact, you can build your email list at the same time as you’re building your audience! 

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Easy Beginner Strategies to Grow An Email List

1. Offer freebies in your content

Create bonus freebies that accompany the content you’re already putting out! Use a form that requires an email to receive that freebie – and you’re on your way to gathering subscribers. If you don’t already have an audience that’s looking at your content, this will be a slow building strategy.

2. Host free events

Whether it’s a webinar, challenge, or another free event, you can use this method to build your income and your email list simultaneously. Collect email addresses when people sign up for your event, provide them free information at that event, and build trust for the future. You can even sell products or services at the end of that event that build on the free information you shared, but it isn’t required!

Partnering with others to build your email list is also a great idea here. You could host a join webinar, a joint giveaway, or another collaborative venture with someone else. You can get more people on your email list this way if you create partnerships strategically!

3. Get a Self Liquidating Offer (SLO) Funnel

This one requires some cash up front, but if you play your cards right, the money you spend can be made back in sales.

First, you create a low-priced offer. Then, you pay to run ads targeted to people who might be interested in this low-priced offer. As they purchase, they join your email list AND you make money. You can add in upsells that help you make additional profit so that you’re not just evening out, but sometimes SLO Funnels are just about making back what you spend so you can grow your email list – and that’s important.

The one thing you should NOT do is hope people will sign up for your email list just because. Our inboxes are too full these days, and people need a reason to add your emails to their lists!

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