How I Stay CONSISTENT on YouTube

Consistency is the literal key to success for anyone who is creating and uploading content on the Internet, no matter what type of content it is. YouTube is a marathon that you have to consistently train for – and most people don’t finish. But if you finish, then you win. Today, I’m telling you how I stay consistent on YouTube and my other platforms so that I can win that race.

How I Stay CONSISTENT on YouTube | My exact content planning and execution strategy

How I stay consistent on YouTube

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How I Stay CONSISTENT on YouTube | My exact content planning and execution strategy

Wanna peek inside my content planning strategy? Being consistent on YouTube (and any other social platform) is SO key, so. I want to show you HOW I stay consistent with my exact content planning strategy in ClickUp and how I keep content ideas organized like a boss.

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How I stay CONSISTENT on YouTube

1. Hire Help

I currently have a team that helps me stay consistent on certain platforms! But even with a team, it still falls on me to create the content. And I did this thing for a REALLY long time without a team in place.

Hiring a VA to help manage my content and keep me consistent was one of the first hires I made in my business when I wasn’t making much money. It’s not that expensive to get someone to come in to help you create systems. If you’re at the point where you’re making a little bit of money, it’s probably worth it to you to have someone in your corner helping you stay consistent. If you aren’t there yet, don’t panic! There are systems in place to help you, and most people who start out do it for a long time without a team to help.

I have gone through a lot of ebbs and flows in terms of who is on my team, and specifically with having a video editor. Right now, I manage the entire YouTube side of things by myself. I plan, film, edit, upload, and optimize.

Hiring out certain aspects of your business (even if they aren’t directly related to content creation) gives you more time to put into your content. So the number one way I stay consistent on YouTube is by hiring help so that I have more time to manage my YouTube channel. But you CAN do it without help as well!

2. Set up a System to Help

Listen – I used to be a paper planner lover. But I can almost guarantee you that you’ll need some kind of digital way to keep up with your content to maintain consistency. Paper planners just can’t hold up to a digital system! Digital systems let you move things around, make easy edits, and even set reminders for yourself.

I have used Trello in the past and I currently use ClickUp – both are great! But setting up a system is literally how I stay consistent on YouTube. I make sure I get my content planned, filmed, and edited on time.

3. Keep it SIMPLE

This is an important way that I stay consistent. Use tools and equipment, setups and processes that keep it simple for you! If you make something too complicated, you won’t enjoy doing it and you won’t keep doing it.

One of my FAVORITE tools to keep it simple is today’s sponsor, TubeBuddy. Using the right keywords is such an important part of YouTube, and finding the right keywords will help you plan out your content and stay consistent. Their advanced keyword research tool is one of my favorite features of the platform! They offer a thumbnail generator so you can make thumbnails right in their platform, create canned responses for your comments, and even mass edits for your channel content! If you want to change all of the default descriptions on your videos, your channel content, or something else, TubeBuddy makes it easy. And making it easier makes you more consistent.

If you want an exclusive 30-day free trial of TubeBuddy, you can click here to get started and see for yourself!

You can keep it simple with your equipment to film, too! I have a tripod and camera that stay in my office, on my desk at all times. That way, it’s already set up and easy to make adjustments as needed. Plus I film in front of windows so that I don’t need to worry about setting up lights. I won’t avoid filming because it’s too difficult to get set up.

Canva is another one of those tools that keeps me consistent because it’s simple! I’m a Photoshop girl and I’ve used it for my whole life – but making quick thumbnails in TubeBuddy or Canva takes away that barrier to entry.

How I stay consistent on YouTube

My exact content planning and execution strategy

I plan ALL my content in ClickUp on a calendar view. My brain NEEDS a calendar view to function and set up my schedule appropriately. (If your brain prefers a different view, ClickUp probably has that one, too.)

I use the Board view in ClickUp to write down my ideas, but I actually schedule and plan out my content on the Calendar view. All of my sponsorships get planned out in the calendar view so I can plan for those as well. I also include spots to mention my own courses or launches too.

Whenever I have my content topics planned in the calendar view, I go through and write down what I want to say in each video. It’s not a full script – it’s usually bullet points to guide my thoughts.

I have different statuses set up in ClickUp for different pieces of the filming process. It goes from “open” (meaning it’s just an idea) to “ready to be edited,” “ready to be uploaded,” and “finalized and scheduled.”

How I choose my content topics

I base my content on a few different things:

1. What is currently doing well for me on my channel?

2. My upcoming launches – I always lean my content toward my upcoming launches

3. What are my viewers asking me?

ClickUp is my favorite system to plan my content

I plan out my podcast content the exact same way I plan out YouTube content. But I have an automation set up so that when I change the status to “recorded and ready to write show notes,” ClickUp untags me and tags Laura. And then the processes that happen next are built into the system – like the show notes, creating and posting content on social media, etc.

I LOVE ClickUp for managing multiple content platforms. I can have the content separated by platform on different calendars, OR I can see an overview of every single thing I have going on at one time. That view is going to look super overwhelming, but I can toggle to things that are assigned to ME and see what needs to happen that day.

I love that I can also set reminders on ClickUp so I don’t miss a beat!

4. Batching my content keeps me consistent!

I have one day per week that is totally dedicated to content creation. That ensures that I can get ahead on my filming and recording schedule so that I don’t miss a beat!

It also makes it easier for me to plan for those weeks when I’m not able to film. So if I’m sick or traveling or just can’t film, I can quickly see and rearrange my content accordingly. I can easily see whether or not I’m ahead of the game!

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