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So, lemme tell ya something: We have lived in this house for over a year and I've never truly loved my home office space. I just didn't have a good plan for what I wanted it to look like, couldn't ever find a desk I loved, and I had a giant treadmill shoved in my small office that made it impossible to decorate in there.

We ditched the treadmill (I much prefer running outside anyway), got a new desk and bookshelf and got to work so I wanted to take you on a home office tour!

Wanna watch the video version of the tour?

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I'm going to link out everything I possibly can from this office tour in the post so, if I don't link it, it's probably old or came from a local shop that can't be linked.

First, check.out.this.view.

home office ideas
Rug | Desk Chair | Desk | Mirror | Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig | Corner Chair | Bookshelf | Baskets from HomeGoods

We have french doors heading into the office so this is the whole office from outside in the hall way, told ya it was small.

Before we got rid of the treadmill, it took up all of the space on the right of the desk, so it helped SO MUCH to get that out of there.

Here was my main thought process as I was thinking about what I wanted:

  • I wanted it to flow with the rest of my house which is very farmhouse/Joanna Gaines type style. The office is right inside the front door so it definitely needed to flow.
  • it needed several different “filming” spots. This was important because I wanted to make sure that I could change up my photos or video backgrounds if I wanted to so I treated each corner as it's own space and then thought about the space directly in view of my webcam for video calls.
home office ideas
mirror | poof ottoman | macrame hanger

Now, we're not totally done, actually. We'll be installing shiplap on the wall with the bookcase soon and painting white like the other shiplap walls in my house.

home office ideas
Desk | Chair | Rug | Faux Hanging Basket | Microphone
home office ideas
Accent chair | Bookshelf

I hope you enjoyed this tour, please make sure to exit through the doors on your right when the ride comes to a full stop.

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