Get More Done with Time Batching

If you want to level up your productivity, then this is the post for you. Let’s talk about how to get more done with time batching!

Get More Done with Time Batching

Get More Done with Time Batching

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Get more done with TIME BATCHING | The SECRET to productivity revealed

Wanna get more done? Then you should definitely be time batching! Calendar blocking and time batching are THE SECRET to productivity and being as productive …

Time batching will make sure you’re getting more done in one day than ever before.

Seriously – time batching is a miracle worker, whether you’re working from home or in an office.

When I started building my business, I had little babies at home. I had to figure out how to fit a lot of tasks into a small amount of time. THAT’s when time batching really started happening for me, even though I didn’t know the name of it yet.

What really is time batching?

TIme batching is when you batch similar tasks together in a specified amount of time. It doesn’t have to look the exact same for everyone, either. Some people use it in a much more structured way, while other people use it in a more fluid way.

Our brains have a REALLY hard time switching from task to task. If you’re filming a video and then the next thing on your list is to write an email, it may take your brain awhile to go from video mode to email mode. The reason time batching is so powerful is because it reduces that transition time! If you’re putting similar tasks that use the same part of your brain together, you’ll get more done in the same amount of time than you would constantly switching it up.

That’s why you’ll see people filming multiple videos at a time, recording tons of podcast episodes at a time, or booking an AirBnb to write their book. Once you get into a certain headspace, it’s easy to stay there but hard to switch around.

Different Methods of Time Batching

Strict Method: Use your calendar to block off times for certain tasks.

On your Google Calendar, you’d add different events that correspond to different tasks. So, from 8-9 AM you’d schedule “record Instagram and Facebook ads,” and from 9:00-12:00, “filming 3 YouTube videos.” So on and so forth. This gives you a very specific time structure for your tasks. When you wake up that morning, you know that by 8 AM you need to be working on a certain task.

For some people’s brains, that works super well! I tend to be more fluid with my time batching strategy. My Google Calendar is exclusively for things that I need to show up to at a certain time. I get super overwhelmed if I use that medium to list out non-time-specific tasks. That’s what I use ClickUp or my digital planner to plan.

No matter WHICH way you choose to time batch, remember to put similar tasks together! If you have a four hour block to work today, then you don’t want to schedule a different task for each hour. Try to stick to tasks that use the same skill sets for those four hours. You need time to context switch, so don’t use 2 of those four hours getting your brain back on the right track.

Color coordinate this and have fun with it!

get more done with time batching

Fluid Method: Time Batching by Day (AKA Jessica’s Way)

I tend to use a more loose time batch method where I time batch by DAY!

Number one: I batch ALL of my calls on Tuesdays. Transitioning from a Zoom interview back to writing an email is a big time suck, so whenever I get asked to do an interview or a call for one of my programs, I always make sure they’re on a Tuesday (unless that’s impossible, and then I make an exception).

At the beginning of each week, I sit down and plan out all the things that I need to accomplish this week. I need to film these videos, record these podcast episodes, etc. Then, I take all the tasks that are similar, group them together, and assign them a day!

This week in particular, Monday was a big admin day for me. I planned things out in ClickUp, organized my thoughts, and prepped certain tasks for my assistant.

Tuesday I took off because it was my birthday 🙂

Wednesday is a total day of filming!

Thursday is all tasks that are in the realm of creating content, creating written content, and website-related tasks. I’m going to work on a sales page and a webinar that I’m hosting this week (which you can still jump in and join if you want to!)

Sidebar about my Thursday webinar!

I’ve been figuring out a LOT of strategy behind Instagram Reels lately. In the month of February, I posted a Reel every single day! And I’ve collected ALL of that data, plus the WHY behind the strategy to share with you in my totally FREE Reels Bootcamp that’s happening this Thursday, March 11 at 1:00 PM EST. If you want to sign up, click right here!

Be sure to figure out how much time you ACTUALLY have when you’re time batching

This can be challenging if you’re a parent, especially! Today for example, my kids had virtual school. The morning was dedicated to helping them and then dropping them off at my parent’s house, so I only have the afternoon to work. On days when they go to in-person school, I have from the morning until they need to be picked up to work.

Time batching can make all the difference in your work day

You will definitely get more done with time batching. If you only have two hours to work in a given day, especially as an entrepreneur, then you’ve GOT to use time batching. It will help you make sure that you’re spending those two hours in the best way you know how and minimize wasted time spent context switching.

A tip as you begin your time batching journey

When you first start time batching, you have to be SUPER DUPER careful to not let tasks overflow into another time period. You don’t want to overcommit or get too lenient with your boundaries.

For example, Tuesdays are my call days. Obviously, there are times when I’ll be on a podcast on a day besides a Tuesday, but it has to be REALLY beneficial for me to disrupt my pattern. If the booking calendar for a podcast doesn’t include a Tuesday time, we will ALWAYS go back to them and ask for a Tuesday slot. If I’m not strict about that, then I’ll have calls all across my week and won’t get anything else done.

So, be strict with your boundaries, batch those like tasks together, and get more done with time batching right now, sista!

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