Get a Vision and Get Out of Your Own Way

Living in the moment will be so much sweeter when you know that your experiences today fit into your plan for tomorrow. To make that happen, you have to get a vision and get out of your own way.

Get a Vision and Get Out of Your Own Way

Get a vision and get out of your own way

Seize the day. A saying most of us have accepted to mean living for the here and now. While this sentiment can make us feel more at ease, it can also be an invitation for complacency.

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That’s because “seizing the day” doesn’t look like a form of procrastination, but it is. It’s another way that you sabotage your success because you lack clarity, don’t believe you’re good enough, or spend your time on wasteful tasks. Instead of thinking about how your actions fit into your bigger picture, you rush into action because it makes you feel better about yourself. 

This artificial sense of pride will ensure that you stay exactly where you are. Why? 

Because you have yet to determine your direction. 

Having an end goal in mind ensures that you can appreciate the here and now without sabotaging your goals. 

Here’s why you need a vision:

Having a vision gives you a North Star to identify self sabotage.

Here’s the problem: you’re probably not aware when you’re sabotaging yourself or your goals. You may experience these incremental dopamine moments doing a number of seemingly productive tasks. You check a number of boxes off of your to-do list.  What reason would you have to doubt that you’re not progressing your goals, right? 


Your vision for your life and business is your North Star during your periods of uncertainty. It will guide your actions to ensure that you rarely, if ever, lose sight of your way. Having a vision for yourself makes navigating through the unknown a lot easier. It guides your next steps. 

While I applaud anyone with a bias for action, I also know that it can be a sign of insecurity. You may not feel confident or comfortable with where you are right now. Diving straight into action without much thought is a waste of your time, money and energy. It may make you feel better because you’re occupying yourself with busy work. Remember, you are the CEO of your life and business. That means that you need to call the shots about how your most valuable resources are spent. 

Having a vision will protect your time, money and energy. 

Get a vision and get out of your own way

Having a vision for yourself determines the difference between activity and productivity.

You’re the CEO of your business and your life. That means that you understand how ineffective it is to be busy without an action plan. You spend the majority of your time doing tasks that won’t progress your goals because a part of you is afraid of the possibility of your dreams.  So you focus your energy on non-productive activities. This looks like a lot of busy-work such as: 

  • Constantly amending your website
  • Reposting motivational content on your social pages
  • Buying every kind of business planner you can find
  • Binging ‘best ways to…’ or ‘best equipment for…’ videos
  • Listening to yet another ‘How I started’ podcast
  • Constantly refreshing your Instagram feed checking for likes
  • Perfecting your systems and sequences before your have a sale

As the CEO of your life and business, you should be in control of time spent doing tasks versus strategic work because you know what’s required for the bigger picture. 

Having a vision reminds you that you are worthy and deserving when you fail:

You will fail. It’s inevitable. It’s the price of admission for true success. Failure without a plan or vision makes you more susceptible to self doubt. It makes you more likely to quit because you don’t realize that this is all a part of the bigger plan. This phase of your life or business is essential for you to avoid imposter syndrome as you manifest your dreams. 

One reason that you may have resistance with creating a vision is because you can’t visualize your success. You’ve grown accustomed to losing or playing small. Maybe you believe that success only occurs through stress, struggle or chaos. 

You don’t realize that you’re setting yourself up to fail. You’re cancelling out all the work you’ve done because you don’t believe you’re worthy of true success. 

With a vision, you are the CEO of your life and business. You are in control. Without one, you’re at the mercy of someone else’s vision. You’re under someone else's control.

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