Financial Priorities | Spend Money Like You Mean It

Do you know what your priorities are? I have a feeling that a few things immediately come to mind for you. BUT are you actually making time and putting these priorities front and center in your life? Are you treating those things like financial priorities?

Financial Priorities | Spend Money Like You Mean It

Financial Priorities

There’s a quote that rings true here. I’m not sure where it started, but the quote says, “Show me your calendar and your checkbook and I’ll show you your priorities”

Hmmm, how does that hit you in your feels?!

Another quote to think about here (that I’m also not sure how to attribute) says, “We have the same 24 hours in our day as Beyoncé.”

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Y’all! I HATE this saying. Like who said this?! I mean technically it’s true, but come on. We all know that Beyoncé has more resources than most of us.

Back to priorities… Most likely, you have a list of things you want to be priorities and things that have to be priorities, and that’s totally ok and normal. We all have to have the basics – food, shelter, and transportation. Knowing what our other priorities are can help us make changes in our lives and start to live with our priorities front and center. If you say you want something to become a priority but don’t spend time making it one, you won’t see any change!

For instance, family vacations are really important to us – so we prioritize them. We take one big vacation each year where we spare no expense. We don’t go overboard, but we have convenience in mind and just want to have fun. Since we know our annual family vacation is a priority, we make sure to save up for it throughout the year. 

Financial Priorities

One thing our family doesn’t prioritize is eating out. Between my husband getting home from work at night and the kids bedtime, it doesn’t fit into our schedule. Because we don’t prioritize it, we don’t do it often. Instead, I spend time every week making a meal plan and grocery shopping to make sure we have plenty of food in the house.

Knowing your family priorities and goals helps you build the rest of your life around those things. You'll know which things you should save for, and what other things you can skip. As long as you know what’s important, it doesn’t make “giving up things” seem like a sacrifice.

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