Launching with the Help of a Deadline Funnel

deadline funnel

We’re diving into Deadline Funnel today. Why would you want to use this tool? Well, this genius program is designed to make pages or emails or links expire at a certain time and redirect somewhere else. I use this ALL the time for launching a product or during evergreen course sales.

Are you ready to use this suh-weet program in your own biz? All right! Mosey on down to find out how to use Deadline Funnel.


During a launch, I usually set up a bonus page to give people bonuses for buying a little bit earlier in the promotion. Then, I change the bonuses and price after a time period. This goes on until the doors close.

Here’s a real deal example of that. In my last launch of Ads Made Easy, I had the doors open for only 48 hours. I had an extra special bonus for people who wanted to purchase in the first 9 hours. Then, I took away that bonus and added other bonuses for the first 24 hours. After that, the cart was still open but all the bonuses were gone.

I’ll be real with you, I’m not tied to the computer all the time and I didn’t want to stay up until midnight to deal with the cart stuff. Who would?!

This is why I love Deadline Funnels. I set up a page for the 9 hour bonus, the 24 hour bonus, the 48 hour open cart, and then a ‘oops, you missed the deal’ page. I used Deadline Funnel to turn off each page as it expired and send my peeps to the right page to either get the next bonus available or buy the course without any bonuses depending on when they clicked.

In an evergreen instance, you might have an email that shows up in a potential customer’s inbox giving them 24 hours to buy a product of yours. A timer would show up in the email with a link that would expire or redirect. You can even set it up so whenever they open the email is when the timer starts! #saywhat?!

Deadline Funnel can be really useful, friends. Read on to get all the deets out how to use it!


  • First things first, click ‘Create a new campaign’.
  • Choose a Product Launch or Evergreen Funnel based on what you want to do. #GirlsJustWannaHaveFunnels

  • Add in what product you’re promoting to the funnel to keep things organized. You’re gonna want to use funnels for all your stuff.
  • Select what page you want to your people to go to and when it will expire.
  • Then, tell Deadline Funnels where you want people to go once they miss the deadline for your temporary offer.
  • Fill in where you build your landing pages and who your email provider is to get going!


  • Copy the code you’re given into the head of your webpages.
  • If you’re on WordPress, find where you input code in the head and that’s where you’ll put it. You only have to do this once, y’all.


  • Don’t worry about the Quick Start Guide and go straight to ‘Appearance’.
  • This is what the countdown will look like on your page. Make that stuff branded…and pretty!

The countdown you design will automatically show up on the page you setup earlier. Ta-da!

Now there are a lot of advanced things you can do with Deadline Funnel, but essentially it can be a kick butt countdown tool that does all the work for you! It really is that awesome. I love anything that makes the selling process easier. Don’t you?

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