Creating a Merch Line with Spreadshop

It’s been several months since I launched my merch line. So I want to give you my honest review of creating a merch line with Spreadshop – we’re talking about the company, the service, commissions, quality, and all the things.

Creating a Merch Line with Spreadshop | My Honest Opinion

Creating a merch line with Spreadshop

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Creating a Merch Line with Spreadshop | My Honest Opinion

Have you been wondering how to create and sell your own merch? Well, I found a SUPER easy way and today I'm diving into Spreadshop – the good, and bad?

I wanted merch for a long time, but the logistics made me say no. Until Spreadshop came along! The idea of maintaining inventory, handling shipping, and all the other logistical elements wrapped up in creating merch made me put off creating my own.

This content IS sponsored by Spreadshop, but ALL of the opinions in here are my own.

How pricing and commissions work

That is the NUMBER ONE reason that I went with Spreadshop to create my merch. You create the design, pick the products that your design goes on based on, and then when someone purchases with your online store, Spreadshop does the heavy lifting. They get the shirt in the right color and size, put your design on it, ships it to the person who ordered it and ALL the things.

Because of the work Spreadshop does, you don’t make all of the money from that sale. Instead, Spreadshop makes the money and then sends you your part as commission. Which is actually really cool, because you have the freedom to decide what you make from each sale.

Spreadshop will tell you the base price of that item (their base price for doing the work), and then you can set the price of the item so that you pick your own margin. You can totally do a 50% margin if you wanted, because you’re in charge of the price for each item.

If you have a sale, Spreadshop will split that discount with you. So if the sale is 30% off, then Spreadshop will take 15% off of their base price and 15% off of your commission.

Spreadshop basically took all the headache out of creating merch for me.

Why Spreadshop might not be right for you

Spreadshop is a dropshipping company, so they handle all inventory management and shipping for you. If you don’t want to work with a dropshipping company and you’re fine with buying in bulk and creating and shipping the shirts on your own, Spreadshop probably isn’t the right fit.

For me personally, it’s a dream to have a dropshipping company who can run your store for you and ship things out.

The people behind the company

The people behind the company majorly influenced my decision to start a merch line with Spreadshop and also work with them as a sponsor on my YouTube channel.

I don’t like to work with companies who have not-so-great people behind the brand. And I can tell you with no reservations at all that the people who work for Spreadshop are INCREDIBLE! Working with Spreadshop as a customer and as a creator has been the easiest process ever. They focus on creators and good business, and they truly want to be a resource for people and businesses who want to create and sell these products.

Creating a merch line with Spreadshop

The quality review

While I was in the process of ordering my samples from Spreadshop and working with them, my kids came to me and told me that they wanted some FG TeeV merch. If you don’t know who FG TeeV is, they are a channel here on YouTube.

They wanted to buy it with their money, so we looked up merch on the website and ended up ordering sweatshirts. They came in the mail so quickly and were great quality – and turns out, they work with Spreadshop, too. That made me even more excited to work with them because the quality is GREAT.

There are tons of options for you to choose from when it comes to shirts on their site, but even the standard shirts that I’ve tried have been great quality. I’ve had no problem with any of it shrinking, bleeding, or anything else.

Integration with YouTube Merch Shelf

The fact that Spreadshop integrates with the YouTube merch shelf is the icing on the cake for me. If you head to one of my YouTube videos, you’ll see what I mean. Your merch will pop up right below your videos with previews, pricing, and direct links to purchase it.

I can’t say enough how EASY the whole process is. Setting up the site, adding your designs, and the merch shelf integration are so quick and simple. I did a whole video about setting up a shop if you’re interested in watching that.

My honest review: I LOVE Spreadshop and couldn't have picked a better company

Everything has exceeded my expectations since I started creating a merch line with Spreadshop. If you want to create t-shirts, hats, mugs, or any kind of merch, I HIGHLY recommend Spreadshop.

Hear me out – I know that when a brand sponsors a channel, it can be easy to discredit their review. But I do not share ANYTHING with you that I don't use and love myself. Spreadshop is a fantastic company with great people and great items, period.

If you want to sign up, you can click right here to do it (for free)!

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