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Have you ever heard me talk about baby booties before? Well, you’re about to.

How to figure out what you should be blogging about

You remember how I’ve been talking about sales funnels this and sales funnels that, right? Well, at the heart of all of them, I talk about sending people to good REALLY FREE content, like a blog post or YouTube video.

Well, today I wanna help you figure out what you should be blogging about.

First and foremost, my biggest tip is to think outside the box.

You don’t ever want to teach how to do what you do unless you want to teach how to do what you do and not do what you do anymore.

Got it?



Basically, go beyond the obvious of “behind the scenes” and “my last wedding I photographed” and think about the person who’s reading your blog.

Insert the example of the baby booties.

Let’s say you make and sell baby booties, what would you blog about?

Let’s start with the obvious:

  • How to style your booties with this season’s clothes.
  • How to match mommas shoes to baby’s booties.
  • WHY your baby booties are awesome.
    • Etc.

Then, let’s talk about what you would NOT blog about:

  • How to make baby booties.
  • Your latest product line.

So what does that leave?

The not-so-obvious things to blog about…THE GOLD!

Think about who you’re targeting. They’re moms with babies or who are expecting babies. What do they want to know about? They want to know about breastfeeding and baby food, the latest car seat regulations and milestones for their babies.



Because these people, these mommas, are wanting to know these things and you know if they’re reading these blog posts that they’re mommas with babies.

And babies have feet.

So these mommas with babies who have feet, probably want your shoes.

You just served as a resource for them to learn something or solve a problem AND you have amazingly beautiful shoes that they DEFINITELY want.


So, the next time you’re struggling with what to blog about, think outside the box? What do your people want to know about, how can you help them in a way that’s not completely obvious?

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