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Alesia Galati

Alesia Galati runs a full-service podcast management agency. Meaning you record and her team does the rest. She helps business owners launch and maintain lead-generating podcasts.

She lives in sunny North Carolina with her husband, two small boys, and a rescue pup. When she's not working, you can find her either hiking, chasing her kids around, or watching the latest Star Wars with her husband.

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Alicia Henderson

Alicia is the Empire Building Business & Online Marketing Strategist for Powerhouse CEO women. Alicia helps service-based entrepreneurs use LIVE video to stand out online and position themselves as the go-to expert in their industries, secure high-end clients, and live freedom-based lifestyles so they can afford to what they want when they want.

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Ashley DeLuca

Ashley DeLuca is an email marketing strategist helping coaches and strategists create a steady stream of pre-sold leads that turns subscribers into buyers so they can build a business on autopilot and create a community that feels like family. In her free time, you will find her chasing around her toddler, drinking more coffee than she probably should, and dreaming about the ocean.

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Heather Farris

Heather is a former accountant turned Pinterest Marketing Consultant helping online and small businesses grow their bottom line using Pinterest.

Heather’s mission is empowering business owners to scale their businesses using Pinterest. She helps her clients create strategies that attract more leads, traffic, and sales; while making their competition irrelevant.

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Jaclyn Mellone

Jaclyn Mellone helps experts exponentially grow their business by becoming the Go-To Authority in their space. She is a coach, strategist, Keynote speaker, mama, guac lover, and host of the Go-To Gal podcast!

She helps her clients get out of their own way, package their expertise to scale, position themselves as the go-to authority, and have their dream clients and opportunities landing on their lap! Her signature approach combines restructuring her clients’ business models, reframing their mindset, and revamping their marketing so that they become the go-to authority from the inside out. Jaclyn supports experts at all stages – from freelancers to global brands!

She has spoken at marketing conferences around the US, grown her social media channels to total over 50K followers and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Reader’s Digest, Parents, Well + Good, and on dozens of podcasts and radio appearances.

Jaclyn has proudly built the Go-To Gal empire in her slippers from her living room in Rochester, NY!

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Jeanette Yates

Jeanette is a digital communications strategist, wife, mom, and caregiver. In her “spare” time she loves fitness, yoga, and basically every podcast out there. You can read her caregiver and self-care blog at

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Dr. Jessica Louie

Dr. Jessica Louie, PharmD, APh, BCCP, is the CEO of Clarify, Simplify, Align where she coaches burned out women tom simplify to SPARK JOY at work and home. We create work-life harmony through simplifying and decluttering homes, schedules and mental overload to achieve career success, financial freedom & simple living for your family.

Jessica is a Master-level Certified KonMari Consultant and Coach and she combines her KonMari decluttering techniques with her unique Clarify, Simplify Align method to gain clarity of purpose, simplify physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter and align work INTO your life (and not the other way around!).

Jessica hosts The Burnout Doctor Podcast weekly helping listeners with burnout, well-being, decluttering and simplifying.

After experiencing burnout herself in 2014/2015, she credits decluttering and simplifying her life as saving her from this unfulfilling time in the profession. Jessica advocates for resetting burnout (not curing it) as the method to curating a life that YOU love and creating your own definition for success in life. Simple steps that you can control in less than 10 minutes are her techniques…not waiting for organizations or corporate changes to occur. Through her process, her partner and her have paid off over $300,000 in student loan debt (in less than 7 years), simplified to reset the shopaholic coping mechanism and mentally overloaded to-do lists that didn’t serve anyone. Jessica loves helping others curate their own unique lives for simple living. Her coaching leads to Joy at Work and Joy at Home and her clients range from new graduates to dual-income couples with children. Simplifying to spark joy in families benefits everyone from parents to children to loved ones to team members and of course our clients.

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Jessica Prater

Jessica Prater is the Principal Consultant of J Prater Consulting and brings 11 years of experience in organizational development, training and human resources.

She spent the first 7 years of her career with a major multinational manufacturing organization holding positions in both the human resources department and manufacturing groups. Her last assignment was Manager of Technical Training and Performance and served 16 locations in the US, Mexico and Canada.

In her consulting agency, Jessica helps small to mid-sized businesses build fantastic teams to support their organization’s vision.

As a 5th generation business owner, she brings an understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit with her years of corporate development experience. She carries the professional certification of PHR and is a certified facilitator for Situational Leadership and the Kirton Adaption Innovation Inventory. She has served on the board of the Nashville Chapter of the Association for Talent Development and as the Professional Development Committee Chair of MYP (Murfreesboro Young Professionals).

Jessica holds a of Master of Science with an emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University. In 2018, she returned to MTSU as an adjunct professor for the Psychology Department.

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Lander Sulser

Tucked away in Eastern Montana, I’m a copywriter and launch strategist for creatives on a mission to help you increase your impact with copy that connects and converts. It's that “ah-ha” moment of finally having your messaging nailed down, helping more people with your offer, and launching with success.

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Lisa Siefert

Hello, there – I’m Lisa, the only self-declared Planner Designer in the world and the #Girlboss behind Pretty Fabulous Designs. Through my YouTube channel and paid programs, I’ve taught tens of thousands of creatives how to create & sell beautiful digital downloads using Adobe InDesign.

I’m 100% self-taught so don’t look for some days of yore story about how I’ve been designing with Crayolas since I was 5, because I haven’t. I have an MBA + over a decade in Corporate America as an HR Executive, but discovered I love creating, crafting and coaching more.

I live in San Diego, love brunch dates, Afternoon Tea outings and can whip up a mean batch of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I’m also a bestselling romance and cozy mystery author. Oh yah – I do it all!

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Maegen Conners

Hi, I’m Maegen…
Wife, Mom, CEO, Licensed Financial Advisor, and Your Source of Money Peace of Mind.

After more than 13 years in the finance industry helping clients to eliminate debt and grow their wealth, I know it’s less about wanting to properly plan for the future—and more about not having the right tools, guidance and safe place to discuss your wildest money goals and dreams. Good news, you’ve found that here.

With my proprietary—and proven—3-Step System, I’m on a mission to empower families to finally feel great about spending money, while still saving for the future.

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Millie Adrian

Millie is a multi-passionate Online Educator, YouTuber, and college drop-out! Millie was forced into the corporate world after enduring an injury causing her to lose her college dance scholarship. While this sounds like an end to a story, this was only the beginning.

Combining the concepts she learned from being a real-world Project Manager and years of growing her own personal brand as an Educator, Millie has been able to leave her 9-5 while helping others do the same along the way. Through her simplistic way of teaching, she shares the latest strategies and trends on social media to help entrepreneurs leverage and skyrocket their passions.

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Nesha V. Frazier

Nesha is a Personal Success Coach and founder of Courage Hackers, a personal growth company helping ambitious women find the courage to stop settling and start confidently walking towards the life of their dreams with purpose and financial peace. She's also a mom of 3, USAF veteran and horror movie lover.

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Nicole Saunders

Nicole Saunders is a Pinterest Marketing Strategist and the dog mom behind the Leisure & Leashes YouTube channel. She helps female entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses through the magic of Pinterest. When not working with Pinterest accounts, Nicole can be found hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina with her husband and their three dogs while jamming out to Mumford & Sons. She loves diet Dr. Pepper and is obsessed with personality tests. Nicole is an Enneagram 4w3 and proud introvert (INFJ).

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Tandy Hogate

Is there such a thing as a wordsmith? Tandy Hogate would say #somuchyes! When she’s not feeding mosquitoes on her Alaska farm, you will find her ticking keys on her Mac, stringing powerful words together for her clients.

From media scripts to website content, her mission is to elevate her clients’ voices to be heard above the crowd by writing captivating content their audience will crave.

Her side business (and the passion of her heart) is The Homebody Entrepreneur where she and her business partner encourage and equip faith-based entrepreneurs to live their best life while running a meaningful and prosperous business.

Oh, and she's an enneagram 4, but she rebels hard against melancholy.

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Xenia Ferraro

Hi there, I'm Xenia (zen-ya)!

I'm a native Jersey girl, currently settled in the Portland, ME area with my fiancé and 2 year old puppy! I have a background in Industrial Engineering which is primarily focused on process improvement, increasing efficiency in operations, productivity, and creating systems that get you from point A to point B with minimal wasted time and steps. Having changed career paths slightly, I have taken my project management and operations skills to the social sector in order to really make some meaningful change in the world. Working for a nonprofit has made me realize how awesome it is to work with like-minded people and the importance of a diverse working environment.

In my free time, I manage a business called Productive Space Design Co. which is part productivity blog, part organizing/interior design service, and part social business. My goal for this business is to essentially help people create their ideal ‘productive spaces,' whether that is at home, in the office, or with managing their own lives behind the scenes, in order for them to make time for what truly matters. I also love to design planners and am working on building up my shop where a percentage of my monthly profits will go towards international development projects (what I have a master's degree in!). I truly want to change the world in my own little way 🙂

As a big fan of EDM, there is a song that has one of my favorite lines that I think describes me perfectly: “Everyday people do everyday things, but I can't be one of them.”

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