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You know you're supposed to be using live video and you likely know you should be on Facebook but you need some Facebook Live Tips to help you do it right…right?

5 ways to make your Facebook Live videos better

Here's the deal, Facebook lives are NOT rocket science, actually, quite the opposite; you can sit down from your phone and get an engaged audience in seconds with little-to-no strategy or effort – BUT – to truly make them GREAT, you do need to a little bit above and beyond just flying by the seat of your pants.

    Y'ALL, this is huge. Engage with them, encourage them to comment and share, make it fun for them so they don't get bored. Nobody wants to watch a boring Facebook live where you just talk AT them the whole time, talk TO them and WITH them. I always give them a fun reason to comment even if they're watching the replay. Pro tip: If you're just starting to build your audience and NOBODY shows up to your lives, that's.ok. ENGAGE with the replay watchers and share the SNOT outta it. So, you can say something like “If you're watching the replay, make sure you comment with #replay and let me know that you're here” and “If you're watching right now, comment below with x,y,z…” This will encourage engagement regardless of whether the watcher if they're live or not.
    We are always tempted to go horizontal on video because that's how standard video outlets work (YouTube, TV, etc) but on Facebook, vertical (or square which is hard for live videos) is better! Why? Well, it takes up more screen real estate. So, when someone is just scrolling through their phone, you're going to take up more of their screen with a vertical video than you will with a horizontal video because of the ratios of the videos and the scrolling patterns of Facebook.
    “I'm going live!” is not a title that draws people in (I'm actually pretty guilty of this myself) but “I'm going live with 5 tips on how to be more confident on camera” totally is! Use the title building tool at aminstitute.com/headline  to build out headlines that will really draw people in; these don't have to be searchable but they HAVE to be enticing, people have to want to click and watch.
    Alright, this one is a little more equipment based BUT it can be as simple as getting in front of a window while you go live. Going live in a dark place will not make anyone want to watch your video, so make sure people can see you and there's good lighting with artificial or window lighting.
    This seems crazy obvious but sometimes we get stuck trying to act like our favorite people watch on Facebook or trying to be too stiff (or too goofy) because that's what we think we should be doing…it's not! You need to be YOU and YOUR personality needs to shine, that's all. If you're quiet and reserved, be that; if you're crazy and goofy, be that…just.be.you. People will be attracted to you because of your personality and will be repelled by even a hint of fake.

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