Meet Jessica

Listen, you need to know something REAL FAST…I don't take myself too seriously and you shouldn't either. I'm basically a lethal combination of sass, southern charm, business knowledge, and that's-what-she-said jokes, so Imma warn ya now what you're about to get into here.

Professionally, you can call me a personal and business development strategist, which, is basically just a fancy-smancy way of saying that I teach people how to make their business and life just a little bit better through online courses, free content here on the blog, YouTube channel, and a chart-topping podcast. I've had 10,000 businesses in my 30-something years on Earth but really started taking it seriously in 2010; I had my first son, I quit a dead-end job, and I started a graphic and web development company that I ran for about 6 years, while also wrangling babies. In 2016, I merged into the “infopreneur” space and started teaching #allthethings that I knew and had learned and, well, here we are. Teaching YOU the tips and tricks to stop making excuses and turn your dreams into dolla bills is one of my favorite things ever.

I'm SO glad I met you, whether you landed here because you heard me speak at conference or digital summit, you found me on my podcast or YouTube channel, or you just randomly stumbled upon my digital home. If you REALLY wanna connect more, come hang out with me on the ‘gram.

Now, personally, I'm a Momma, extrovert, ENFP, Enneagram 7 (but I thought I was a 3 for like FOREVER), lover of carbonated water and farming preacher's wife.

I live on a farm in the mountains of North Carolina with my husband and two boys and have to drive 2 hours to Target and about 3 hours to the airport.

It's a bit crazy 'round here.

Don't have a plan B, it distracts you from plan A.

Will smith

My mission here is simple.

I wanna help you chase your dreams while working less and LIVING more.

Your dreams and goals and 10,000 ideas are worth pursuing and having a life you love is 100% worth having, so, whether you are just getting started and need a little help along the way, or you're stuck on the hustle hamster wheel, or you just don't know what's next, I've got the tips and tricks and tools to help you do it.

Your job? Stop making excuses, stop saying “could have” or “should have”, stop saying you don't have time or it's not for you. Dream big, do big, live big.

Let's go!