5 Habits that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

I used to be allergic to habits… It felt restricting to have something that I HAD to do every day. But as I grew my business, I realized I needed to implement certain habits to become the person I wanted to be. I’m sharing 5 habits that will change your life that I think everybody should incorporate!

5 Habits that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

5 Habits that will change your life

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5 Habits that will 💥 CHANGE YOUR LIFE 💥

HABITS are the key to success, at least, *I* think so! Creating habits that will set you up in a way that makes your entire day/month/year go better is somet…

Let’s get right into the 5 habits that will change your life.

1. Start your day YOUR way

In other words, don’t let the world wake you up. You need to wake up to the world.

That doesn’t mean you need to wake up at 4:00 AM. I don’t care when you wake up! But you need to wake up on your terms.

If you have kids who wake up five minutes before you have to start the morning rush, then you’re scrambling and waking up to the world. Those aren’t productive mornings.

Give yourself some time in the morning before you have to start your day so that you don’t feel rushed! Plus, extra time gives you the opportunity to do things that are important to you.

2. Plan for the day ahead of time

PLAN YOUR WEEK(S) AHEAD OF TIME! If you plan your week on the Friday before, or your day on the night before, you know exactly what you need to accomplish.

You’ll be a whole step ahead of the game and know that you’re actually working toward your goals.

As a mom, my time is more limited than someone who doesn’t have kids. A lot of my time is dedicated to my kids – and that’s a good thing! But that means it requires that much more planning. If I know my kids will be home from school on a certain day, then I need to take a lighter workday, find activities for them to do – that kind of thing. When I plan ahead, it stops me from being upset or annoyed that I won’t get my work done that day.

3. Incorporate some type of personal development every week

You can listen to a podcast or audiobook, read a book, or even watch motivational YouTube videos that will help you feel like you can do bigger and better things every week! It doesn’t have to be every day, but personal development is really important.

Think of it like your own personal hype squad! You’ll never lose the thought that you can DO IT when you’re incorporating personal development.

4. Leave time for white space

The fourth thing on my list of 5 habits that will change your life is leaving time for white space! Give yourself time to just be ALONE with your thoughts.

The world and life are so noisy. We’re constantly being hit with the news, social media, other people’s opinions, and things we think we should do.

But in reality? We know, in our heart, what is best for us and what we need to do. And sometimes, it takes that white space for ourselves to realize it and find our internal motivations.

5 habits that will change your life

There are a few different ways that I leave time for white space that might help you find your preferred method. First, I go on intentional walks by myself. No music, no podcasts – just me and my thoughts.

Driving by myself without any noise is another favorite. (I didn’t realize how much I needed quiet drive time until I had kids – and now, I need it!) If I’m going to drive somewhere, then I’m likely not going to listen to anything.

Taking a bath by yourself, doing a yoga class that isn’t guided, exercising so you can be alone with your thoughts. There are plenty of ways to leave white space in your life!

5. Move your body in some way every single day

You’ve heard every single person ever say this, and it is the TRUTH. Moving your body every day is a habit that will absolutely change your life.

I’m not saying you need to do crossfit or run a marathon. Go for a walk every day!

I have been working out consistently for seven years now. And it’s one of my favorite habits that I’ve maintained. I don’t work out every single day, but I do something to move my body every single day. Sometimes it’s just walking around my house or in town when I’ve got a free minute.

If you implement habit 2 and schedule out your week ahead of time, it won’t be as easy for you to skip your workouts because they’re built into your plan!

No matter what your job or lifestyle looks like, these 5 habits that will change your life are applicable for everybody!

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