Camera Confidence | 4 Tips to Show Up Confidently on Facebook Live

One of the easiest ways to build an audience of raving fans on social media is to use Facebook Live, and it’s very easy to show up confidently on camera whether it’s your 1st live stream or 44th time. Here are 4 tips to showing up confidently on Facebook Live.

Camera Confidence | 4 Tips to Show Up Confidently on Facebook Live

Camera Confidence | 4 Tips to Showing Up Confidently on Facebook Live

Facebook Live has been around for the last four years, and it can work for ANY entrepreneur that wants to build their authority quickly and make sales consistently. Facebook Live builds the “Know, Like, and Trust” factor between you and your audience, and it helps your audience make a quicker decision to buy from you.

You’re probably thinking that all of that sounds great and that you’d like to use Facebook Live, but the thought of pressing the “Go Live” button makes you want to puke and your pits and forehead get kinda sweaty. You may even feel like an imposter when you go live, and you question who you are to show up in front of your audience. You’re wishing you could show up confidently so that you can grow your authority and make more sales, but you know your confidence on live streams is lacking.

Listen, sis, I got you. We’ve all been there, and we all have those moments. These are my four best tips that’ll have you showing up like a boss looking confident on Facebook Live.

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Tip 1:  Practice, Practice and Practice Some More

Practicing may seem obvious, BUT it really is the best way to get comfortable and confident on camera. Remember, you’re not practicing to be perfect on camera, you’re practicing to be confident on camera. 

When you practice, you’ll start to remember what you should say and begin to create your own system. You can practice by yourself by recording a video as if you were doing a Facebook Live. You can also enlist a Biz Bestie to Facetime and pretend to go live. Your Biz Bestie can give you feedback and provide you with encouragement as you gain confidence.

Tip 2: Prep Your Content

Most people sweat bullets during their Facebook Lives because they don't prepare for the live stream. They either don’t know what to say, or they wing it. These people usually wonder why their live streams aren’t converting to sales and why Facebook Lives haven’t got any easier for them. Here’s the truth: Winging it won’t cut it with the attention span of your audience.

It’s so important that you at least have a few bullet points of your content prepared. That way, you don’t stumble over your words, you confidently know what to talk about, and you stay on track. I promise you, girl, those bullet points will keep you from having dry mouth and fumbling for what to say.

Tip 3: Know Your Tech Set-Up

There are three ways you can do a Facebook Live: a cell phone, a computer or tablet, or a DSLR camera. Before you hit the go-live button, decide which one you will use, find out if it’s charged, and figure out if there are any extra steps or items you will need like cords, passwords, and/or websites.

There’s nothing like having your battery die in the middle of a Facebook Live or having someone call you on your phone because you forgot to put it on Airplane mode during a live steam. To keep yourself from fumbling or having a tech issue during your live stream, do a “tech check” on all of your tech parts at least 30 minutes prior to the stream. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Tip 4:  Keep It Conversational

Facebook Lives aren’t college lectures. This isn’t a Bueller situation and you’re not trying to bore anyone to death. If you’re robotic or stiff, you’ll have your audience scrolling past your Facebook Live. Remember that your Facebook Lives should be fun because you’re talking about something you love: YOUR BUSINESS.

The best way to keep the broadcast conversational is to do it as if you’re talking to a group of your friends. When you keep the live streams conversational, your vibe is high and the audience is more likely to engage (share), and comment (which is always a confidence boost right?).

Remember, Facebook Live can and should be fun for you. Sure, you’ll start off a little rocky in the beginning, but the more you practice and do live streams, the more confident you will become on camera.

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