10 Productivity Apps I Can’t Live Without

Technology tends to get a bad rap with the older generations… But let me tell you, the technology at our disposal makes us one of the most productive generations of all time! I’m sharing 10 productivity apps I can’t live without that will help you make the most out of every day.

10 Productivity Apps I Can’t Live Without

Productivity apps I can't live without

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10 Productivity Apps 💥 I CAN'T live without! ‼️

10 productivity apps I can't live without. Apps and technology are an awesome way to increase our productivity with productivity apps that help hold us accountable. In this video, we're going to chat about the 10 productivity apps that I can't live without – what they are, why I like them, etc.

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the thing that keeps me the MOST productive. I love Google Calendar because I can share calendars with other people. If I’m going out of town and need to keep my husband up-to-date on our kid’s schedules, then Google Calendar is perfect. And, I love it even more because I can color code it and make it look super pretty.

The biggest reason I prefer Google Calendar to other calendars is because I can access it from ANYWHERE. From my phone, my computer, my office, or even someone ELSE’S computer – I can see my calendar.

2. ClickUp

I switched from Trello to ClickUp almost two years ago, and it was a GAME-CHANGER. I can see all of my tasks in a calendar view, a list, a board, a mind map… however I want! It keeps me massively productive.

The ability to plan out a daily to-do list AND plan out an entire year in the same system is amazing. Plus, I can write out and assign every minute task that has to happen in a larger project to my team or myself.

3. Hatch Alarm Clock

This one is new to me, but the Hatch Alarm Clock is a major productivity tool for me (even though you might not initially think of it that way)!

The Hatch comes with an app that lets you set up your bedtime routine and wake up routine. And I’m including it because the alarm clock helps me wake up earlier and more refreshed than I did before. So, I can get more done throughout my day!

3. The iPhone Clock App

This one feels like I’m cheating, but it really does make a difference! Being able to set alarms throughout my day or timers that remind me to do something is powerful.

You can also get a physical clock that lets you set timers, or use your Alexa. Timers help me keep my brain on task throughout the whole day.

If I have planned to work on something for an hour and then switch tasks, I’ll set a one-hour timer to make sure I don’t get stuck. And you better believe I set an alarm as a reminder to pick my kids up from school… Because when I get wrapped up into work, there’s a good chance I won’t notice the time.

5. iPhone Notes App

The standard notes app CANNOT be left off of this list! I am very strict with my boundaries between my business and life, and I am more productive when I have dedicated work vs. non-work time. But obviously, I’m still going to think of things while I’m sitting at soccer practice with one of my kids, or while it’s Sunday and I’m not working.

My notes app lets me keep a rolling list of things I think of when I’m not in work mode that I can revisit when I’m sitting down to work.

It also houses things that I can easily grab to copy and paste! Hashtags, Instagram captions, and other things I need to get quickly.

Productivity apps I can't live without

6. LastPass

You might not think of LastPass as a productivity app, but it IS. When you have all of your passwords in a password manager like LastPass, you don’t have to waste time finding all of your account information.

You can easily share passwords with your team, and you won’t waste time having to go through the process to reset your password every other week.

7. Voxer

Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that lets you send audio messages or text messages to people. While you’re sending audio messages, the recipient can listen live OR they can listen back later.

Nobody has access to me on Voxer besides my team and some business friends. So I’m not getting random messages on the app that distract me.

The reason Voxer is productivity gold is because I can talk to my team when I’m in the middle of another task when I couldn’t be typing! If I’m driving, cleaning my house, at the grocery store… wherever. I can send and listen to voice memos whenever I want to – and it’s SO much quicker to talk than it is to type out text.

I can also send MYSELF voice messages, which is magical. I can talk through ideas and listen to them later so I’m not scrambling to remember or spending the time to type them.

8. Todoist

I go through some weeks where I use Todoist and others where I don’t, but I still love it! You can have the app on your phone and your computer, and you can create a to-do list with tasks assigned by day and times. 

Todoist is a great option if you’re looking for a simple app that keeps your to-do list at your fingertips. If ClickUp or Trello feels overwhelming to use as a to-do list manager because you see all of your longer-term goals and projects, this will totally solve that sense of overwhelm.

9. Moment

This is a new app that I’ve been testing and really love! It’s the only app on this list that is paid, but the money is worth it because it’s not expensive.

Moment will help you break habits of mindless scrolling on social media and picking up your phone on the regular.

You can start a “phone fast” within the app for a specific amount of time, and anytime you pick up your phone within that time frame, you’ll get an alert reminding you that you’re fasting and asking if you actually want to do this. If you have a habit of getting distracted during tasks by your phone, you need this one!

10. Toggl

Toggl is a time-tracking app that maximizes productivity. There are tons of other time-tracking apps that let you track time, but you NEED to use one of them.

(Lecture incoming…)

If you don’t know what you’re spending your time on, then you have no clue how to alter your time to be more productive. In our heads, we always think we’re spending just enough time on all the right things. And we tend to think we aren’t scrolling social media too nuch… when in actuality, we probably are.

Seeing how much time you’re spending on certain tasks is key to productivity. I would recommend time tracking your tasks on the regular to see what you’re spending the most time doing.

Track yourself for a week and then go back and review it. If you see that you spent 7 hours filming videos but 42 hours on Tik Tok… you can make changes that benefit you and your daily routine.

When I build up my routine so I KNOW that I'm being productive all day, I feel way less stressed and get way more done.

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