10 Content Ideas for Social Media

Let me guess – you are constantly running out of ideas on what to post on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or even your newsletter! I GET IT! And I’m here to help! Here are 10 content ideas for social media so that you never run out of ideas again.

10 Content Ideas for Social Media | Never run out of ideas with these tips!

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🔟 Content Ideas for Social Media | 💥 Never run out of ideas with these tips! 💥

Looking for content ideas for social media and YouTube? This video is going to help you find content ideas so that you never run out of ideas.I've been putti…

I’m a loooong time content creator on social media

Seriously –  it feels like I’ve been posting things on the Internet for eons! I’ve been posting 1, 2 or 3 times per week on YouTube for about 5 years, I’ve had a weekly podcast for 6+ years, and I’ve been posting for that amount of time elsewhere too!

Coming up with ideas for social media can be exhausting when you’re doing it for that long. So I’m here to share 10 content ideas for social media that you can use on ANY platform, anytime, in any format.

Let's dive in to these content ideas!

1. Behind the scenes content

People LOVE seeing the behind the scenes of your biz and life! Nothing is too boring. Show it off!

You can highlight a specific process, a day in the life, or something else. As someone who teaches information-based business strategy, I show behind the scenes of how MY business runs! Maybe that’s filming a YouTube video, putting together a course, or something else.

2. How-to content

How to do ANYTHING is a popular content idea for social media. Think of your ideal client or customer and what questions they have. Answer them and bam, content gold!

3. Tutorials

This sounds similar to how-to content, but it’s a little different. “How-to” content might explain how to get from point a to point b, whereas a tutorial will show specific pieces of the puzzle to get things done.

Let’s say ClickUp is my example. A how-to video might be “How to use ClickUp to better organize your business.” A tutorial video could be “How to use ClickUp,” as in the software.

4. Redo past content

Do you have a piece of content that’s worked really well for you in the past? Think about how you can re-share that content in a new and different way. Your audience will likely love it just as much!

5. Unpopular opinions

These have SO much potential! Share unpopular opinions that will resonate with your audience.

If you teach Instagram strategy and you don’t think hashtags matter, make a post about it and see where it goes!

6. Your story

Create content about your story in a way that’s relevant to your audience. Why should people care about what you have to say? How did you get to where you are?

Sharing your story will always make for interesting content, and there are so many different ways you can share it.

Just MAKE SURE it’s relevant to your audience. As an entrepreneur who speaks directly to other entrepreneurs, my childbirth story probably isn’t relevant to them. But a story about my first course sale IS.

10 content ideas for social media

7. Make your audience feel SEEN

This is a missing piece in a lot of content strategy plans! Create content that makes the person who you want to follow you feel SEEN and understood.

I tend to disagree with people about this topic on Reels often. I DON’T think you need to pack as much info or tutorial as possible into 30 seconds. You just need to make your ideal follower say, “oh my gosh, YES! I’ve been there!” Then, after they follow, you can provide them with teaching content.

8. Motivation

I think everybody can tap into this one, even if your primary content is not motivation-focused! What can you create that makes your ideal client/customer/follower feel motivated to get up and do the thing?

9. Advice to your past self

There is always somebody else who is in the same position that you were at one point. They NEED to see stories about your journey from point A to B. Sharing advice to yourself in college 10 years later, advice to your 15 year-old self at age 30 – those are going to create great content. It’ll help you and motivate your audience!

10. Income reports or money talk

This one is more focused on people who are working in a B2B situation. If you’re creating content for customers, then those customers might not care about your income. But they might care about a budget you made, or a successful financial decision.

On the other hand, if you’re talking to other businesses, then you had better believe they’ll be into income reports!

These are SUPER motivating for me, and I love to see them.

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